Thursday, November 15, 2007

1142. Fishing boat winch, also called a Gurdy or a West Coast Troller, the handle on top engages a clutch that turns the reel, used on Salmon trollers.

1143. I've seen a number of these boxes, some of them didn't have lids, they were attached to various pieces of farm machinery and used for a tool box.

1144. This would have been found in a store, where it was used to hold and display carriage driver's whips. A knot was tied in the small end, which was then inserted into one of the slots.

Another whip holder, similar to patent number 81,754:

1145. Kindle-Quick safety fireplace lighter, filled with kerosene or charcoal lighter, it was then lit and placed under the logs.

1146. French "beehive-style" artillery time fuzes, circa WWI, the bases were later additions.

1147. Sea diver's air pump, the handle was moved back and forth to send air to the diver.

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